About us

The objective of the Education Hub, India is to carry on with a ritual of superiority in the field of IT and Non IT training for tomorrow's challenges. If you intend to have a rewarding career, then you need to show that you have a competitive edge and that you are better than your nearest competitor. The value of the courses and certificates awarded by Education Hub, India is an example in itself. The training offered by Education Hub, India provides the students with the required competitive edge.

The company was set up in 2011 in Noida, India. It initially started out by offering short-term training programs and that too mostly to the business sector. In the month of August 2011, because of excessive enrollments and the booming job sector, the company started with training programs.

The programs that are offered now are of duration of once months inclusive of one months of on-the-job training. The courses have been updated to suit the requirements of the ever changing industry. The lab in the company premises is a double lab containing 40 PC Setup with scanners, digital cameras, Ink Jet printers, photo printers and Internet.

Education Hub, India also looks into the coorporates to provide the any industry training under various topics.

More details can be found at up coming events and email can be sent on info@educationhubindia.in


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